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The Estimate
In preparing the estimate, we make every effort to use our expertise in writing a thorough and comprehensive report of apparent damage. However, an estimate is just that.an estimate. Occasionally hidden damage is discovered or parts prices have increased. We then immediately notify you and/or the insurance company about supplemental repairs. After we document hidden damage and obtain approval from the insurance company, the repair process continues. Please realize that original estimate amounts can vary greatly. Cost of repairs overlooked on the original estimate must be added later or the repair will not be properly completed. Only those parts that are equal to the original equipment manufacturers' parts or equal to those on your vehicle should be used for repairs. The use of imitation or offshore parts could void the warranty on your vehicle.

Insurance Estimates
Honesty is our policy. Writing something on an insurance estimate that is not our legitimate part of the damage would be dishonest. Cheating insurance companies results in cheating all of us who own policies. it isn't fair. Please refrain from asking us to write illegitimate items on the estimate.

Authorization for Repairs
The repair process begins after we obtain approvals from you or you and your insurance company. In the case of an insurance repair, we can consider their agreement as authorization to begin repairs. If insurance isn't involved, a cash deposit will be required.

Delivery Dates
We make every effort to repair your vehicle on time. Unfortunately, delays beyond our control sometimes occur. Parts are back ordered, insurance adjusters need more time to review the hidden damage, proper drying of paints, etc. Due to the complexity of collision repairs and unexpected delays the delivery date can only be estimated.not guaranteed. Please understand that we try very hard to meet delivery dates by coordinating schedules, ordering parts ahead of time and aking every effort to control the repair process productively and efficiently.

Two things are for certain
We will keep you updated regularly as to the status of your vehicle. We want to repair your vehicle correctly.even if it means delaying the delivery date.  

If you experience a delay, please be patient and remember that we are trying our hardest to repair your vehicle correctly and quickly.

Payment Information
Full payment is required before a vehicle leaves our shop. We accept VISA, MasterCard Amx, Debit/ATM card and Cash.

If you decide to deposit the insurance draft in your own checking account, be aware the bank's uncollected monies on checks or drafts can take up to two weeks to clear before you can draw against those funds. We will be glad to accept the insurance draft providing it has been properly endorsed before picking up your vehicle.

Also, please remember that you are responsible for insurance deductibles. Be prepared to pay that amount when you pick up the vehicle. Repairs must be paid in full before the car is released - No exceptions please.