ACI Auto Body Shop & Collision Experts Headlight Restoration Fix

Do you have trouble seeing at night while you’re driving? This may be caused do to your headlights being yellow and oxidized. The reason why this happens is cause our government is no longer requiring vehicle manufactures to apply a UV protective coating on headlights. You need headlight restoration from your local auto center like ACI Auto Body Shop & Collision Center In Columbia MD.

So when you go into your local dealer and try to get this fixed or resolved, hoping that this problem or defect will be covered under your vehicle maker’s warranty they’ll tell you that it’s common wear and tear and the dealer has to replace your headlights.

Auto Collision Headlight Restoration

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Sit down cause it only gets better, your dealer will tell you that your headlights replacement cost will be $180.00-$225.00 per headlight plus labor of $150.00 per hour which this process may take an hour and half per headlight and by the way do you know your vehicle is due for it’s 30, 60, 90k mile service.

By the time you leave out of the dealer, what you thought was going to be covered under warranty you walk out of there with a $810.00 bill. Not including if you let the dealer up sell  you for the service bill.

For those of you who drive a Mercedes,BMW or any type of European vehicle add another 35-40%. Here at Columbia Auto Body Shop & Collision Experts we go trough a process which involves us sanding and removing the oxidation with different grit of sand paper and clean it off with alcohol to ensure no contamination gets on your headlights and then spray the UV coating back on your headlights. This process will ensure that your headlights stay nice and clear for years.

We charge $40.00 per headlight regardless of the vehicle you drive. Be on the look out because we have seen auto detail facilities that charge half and all they do is polish your headlights with a little bit of compound and they look great for about a week but then look worse than before. That goes the same for most of these products they sell on TV. Buyer beware!!!

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