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Here at ACI Auto Body Shop in Columbia MD know that Not every car owner is a car enthusiast. For some buyers, a vehicle is a mere appliance. Some automobile owners may not understand why their cars need a wax finish. There are numerous reasons why all automobile owners should apply a wax finish.

Waxing a vehicle improves its looks. By waxing a vehicle, owners help provide a deep, uniform shine to the paint. Imperfections in the clear coat that commonly appear when the paint is brightly lit can disappear under the fine shine provided by the fresh wax. A healthy coat of wax can help restore the luster to an older vehicle’s paint and make it look years newer.

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Automobile wax protects the paint. In any given day, a vehicle will be exposed to harsh elements, including ice, dirt, rocks, sand, and various other types of debris. Drivers impact these common elements while driving down the road and the wind bombards vehicles while they are parked. Dirt and sand normally will not damage the paint in the short term, but each sharp granule can scratch the car’s clear coat. As the years wear on, unprotected clear coat will wear away, exposing the bare paint. In severe cases, this can cause oxidation and rust to form.

Intact paint increases a vehicle’s resale value. Not every vehicle owner cares about scratches and minor contaminants getting into the paint. When the time comes to sell the vehicle, the next buyer will care. Many individuals do not take care of their vehicles, and a vehicle with a shining, well-protected paint job will command a greater premium over vehicles that are poorly maintained. These minor scratches and wear marks are more pronounced on darker vehicles, and owners of black vehicles should be particularly zealous about paint care.

Waxed vehicles are also easier to wash. Wax provides a slippery, replaceable buffer between the expensive paint and the harsh elements. This can also prevent damage in the event of a more significant paint hazard, such as mud or bird droppings. Dried contaminants can be difficult to get off the clear coat if the owner has not applied wax; on a waxed surface, most contaminants will wipe right off. If the owner must scrub with the cleaning brush or towel, the wax will protect the clear coat. Once the surface is clean, the owner simply reapplies the wax.

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